Class Infomation

Functional Training Zone

Genesis Fit classes combine multiple methods of fitness training with a high focus on improving movement and general fitness, aiding with the completion of everyday tasks, free of pain or difficulty. Every class will have a high educational component looking at effective training modes and techniques. Our classes are fun, motivational, appropriately challenging with the goal to connect people through exercise.

Genesis Fit classes combine a variety of movements that are essential to fundamental development of children’s everyday skills. With technology becoming more and more accessible to children, it is greatly affecting their ability to run, skip, hop, jump and fall. Our classes want to address these skills in a fun, motivational, appropriately challenging way with the goal being lifelong involvement in physical activity.

Every Boxing for Fitness class that we offer has a high focus on appropriate technique first, before progressing into a high intensity, no frills workout. With a fast paced society, taking out some stress on the bags should have a positive impact resulting in you leaving the fitness centre happier, healthier and fitter.

We want everyone that attends our Pilates classes to be free of pain every day. Pilates will address your postural issues and mobility issues. Stretching is always forgotten and thought of as unessential, here at Genesis we want to make it a priority. Pilates will aid in vital tasks like reaching, sitting, walking and jumping. Come, get stretching and begin moving freely again.

Saturday Group is a circuit based class which focuses on uniting the group to get the workout finished, everyone gets in, has a go and supports one another until the session is done. The class is fast-paced while achievable which will leave you with a smile, some sweat and a friend or two every session. As the week comes to a close you will look forward to our Saturday group sessions that are on offer.

Group Fitness Zone

Genesis Fit Bubs & Tots classes enables babies, toddlers and parents to bond while teaching fundamental skills that are essential to the development of every baby and toddler. These fundamental movement skills are not picked up naturally, they need to be practised in order to master them. Within our classes we want babies and toddlers to be given a head start in their physical development.
Spin classes are fast-paced workouts combining intervals, sprints and aerobic training which are sure to get your body pumping. With reduced impact on the joints, Spin is a great fat burning class that will keep you coming back, wanting more. Our top of the line Keiser spin bikes allow you to control the intensity, meaning you can build your fitness level up over time.